What is the best option to fix a depression in the leg caused by liposuction?


Are fat injections an option to fix depressions in the leg after liposuction took too much fat out?  If so, will it be permanent, and if not, how long would it take for it to dissolve?  I had Radiesse injected once, which looked great but it dissolved within months.  What are the best options for a least invasive procedure that will give the best results?


Yes, fat injections can be of benefit for defects following Liposuction.  Yes, the results are usually permanent. They are a bit more expensive, more invasive and require a bit longer recovery than Radiesse injections.




Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS



Fat grafting of you own fat is one of the most exciting techniques available to Plastic Surgeons today.  Since you have had a good result with Radiesse you should be able to have a more permanent correction of your depression in your leg after liposuction.  Usually about 80% of the fat takes and persists if the appropriate technique is used.  


Yes, fat injections are an excellent means of correcting contour deformity after Liposuction, especially since Radiesse corrected the problem.  The fat can be permanent.  Usually about 65% of what is injected remains permanently.  To compensate for the 35% absorption, most surgeons over fill the area.  Even doing this, you will probably require two procedures to achieve perfection.  However, this is still better than repeating the Radiesse every little while.


Contour Depressions After Liposuction – The best way to fix a contour depression is by fat. The best way to treat this is to prevent its occurrence by choosing an experienced body contouring surgeon initially. However, if you have depressions the best replacement is to use the patient’s own fat. Normally you will need 1-2 operative procedures to correct this. There are no long term minimally invasive procedures to correct a real depression unless it’s a small deformity and then a long lasting filler like Radiesse may work.

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