How can I get my original nose back after having rhinoplasty and hating the outcome of my new nose?


I had rhinoplasty and I hate the outcome. I don't have a botched job but this nose is not what I asked for and I look much less attractive. I want my nose tip round again, and also my hanging columella and if possible my bridge bump.  Also, I'd like my nose to be smooth again, and to move when I smile, when I make faces (it does not move that much anymore). The overall shape of the nose is not SO different, but as my nose was already small, it looks too small for my face. What can I expect? Thank you!


Hi Fatima.

It would be necessary to see some photos of how your nose looked before and after surgery to give you any advice. I do not recommend patients consider redoing a rhinoplasty for at least a year after the last operation as it takes many months to see the final outcome and much of what you dislike now may actually improve with time.

Good luck.

R. Chaffoo, MD


The question you ask is actually very common.  In a paper I published last year, about 20% of the 150 secondary patients I had operated on were having surgery to restore a prior shape.  You have the right to your own body image.  It is also common for patients to want to restore bridge height--even a bump--and the old tip shape.

You also mention the stiffness of your nose, which is very likely the result of the "open" technique you had performed.  You therefore need to be revised by a surgeon who can confidently change shape without losing support and give you what you wish.  I do not want you to have another unhappy experience.  Find a surgeon whom you trust who can show you examples of cases like yours with results that you like.

Good luck, Fatima.

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