Can an overcorrected botched blepharoplasty-canthopexy be repaired?


Can a botched overcorrected blepharoplasty-canthopexy be corrected and repaired?


Most of time time, a revision surgery can be performed to improve the outcome.  I would recommend first addressing your concerns with the operating surgeon and see what options are offered to you.  I would strongly advise you not to use the word "botched" when discussing your procedure results.  You may very well be experiencing common complications of surgery which are well known, and that word in particular implies a negative tone, which will not help you or your future surgeon.  Surgeons are more likely to respond positively and offer you revision surgery when you understand complications and undesirable outcomes in a better light.

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In general, it is often possible to improve many aspects of a blepharoplasty that did not get optimal results.  The only way for you to obtain an answer concerning your specific situation would be to have a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon, who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, evaluate you.  The Plastic Surgeon will need to obtain a history, perform an examination, review records, etc. and then formulate an opinion concerning the best course of action for you.  If you are in need of obtaining a list of Plastic Surgeons in your area, please go to the Find a Plastic Surgeon section on the home page or on the navigation bar.


Correction of an unsatisfactory result of eyelid surgery can be very difficult depending upon the nature of the problem and the specific anatomical issues present.

A variety of reconstructive techniques may be used to improve your result including skin flaps, skin grafts, cartilage grafts, and fat grafts.  There is no guarantee of success, and often more than one procedure may be necessary.

You should find an ophthalmic plastic surgeon in your area for a consultation.



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Many problems can occur after blepharoplasty-canthopexy.  Most of these are correctable.  The only way to know what is possible is to see a Plastic or Oculoplastic Surgeon who specializes in repair of such.  If you cannot readily identify such a surgeon, see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and ask for advice. 



Many of my brow-upper lid junction structural fat grafting patients have come to my practice for the correction of hollowness created by the over-zealous removal of fat during an upper blepharoplasty surgery. I am continually amazed at how many cosmetic surgeons practice 1970's-era blepharoplasty surgery in the 21st century. I almost never remove upper lid fat during blepharoplasty surgery, and in many cases I actually add fat at the brow-upper lid junction. Fortunately, essentially all cases of post-blepharoplasty hollowness can be improved dramatically by structural fat grafting. It is a more challenging procedure, as scar tissue must be overcome to create space for the grafted fat, and in many cases it takes more than one fat grafting procedure to restore adequate fullness in these patients.

Lower lid hollowness following an overly aggressive lower blepharoplasty can likewise be improved. One must exercise care and caution, as lower lid skin and the underlying soft tissues are usually quite thin, and thus the lower lids are less able to conceal grafted fat. Fat grafting must be preformed conservatively here, with a plan for secondary and occasionally tertiary fat grafting procedures depending on the 'take' of the initial fat grafting surgery.


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