Does being overweight effect my chances of a good reduction?


I'm a 16 year old girl, 5'4, and about 164 pounds. My bra size is a 36 G. It's caused me loads of problems and I feel after years of consideration, that I am a good candidate for a reduction. However I've been told I need to "stabilize my weight". Of course, I'm trying to get to a healthier weight but can I have the surgery before the weight loss?


Breast Reduction while Overweight

It is best to be at a stable weight before having a breast reduction. This is because we match the remaining breasts to your body. If you have the reduction and then lose weight, your breasts may not then match your body. Depending on where you lose weight, you could then need a breast augmentation or further reduction. At your age, you really need to learn good eating habits and get from your present 28 BMI to closer to 22-23. If you don't, you will have continuous health problems and obtaining a normal weight becomes harder.


Breast Reduction & Weight Loss – It is optimal to be within 10 pounds of your ideal body weight before having a breast reduction as this can certainly affect your breast size and shape if one has a reduction and then loses weight thereafter.

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