Why do I still have pain in my breasts four months later?


In July I had breast augmentation and a breast lift. I have gone from a B to a D. last week the scar on my left breast from the nipple down split to about a centimeter. They said it was just where a stubborn stitch had pushed its way through the skin. I've had an aching pain in my left breast on the left side that's gradually gotten worse. I've been to see my surgeon and he said it's not the implant or scar tissue, it's breast tissue. I never had this pain until I had the breast surgery.


Sometimes, when we place the implants under the muscle, the patient will feel pain for no more than a month. When we place it Under the fascia or the gland you will just feel a pressure that will last for no more than 10 days. Othertimes, the patient has stress and can feel pain in the intercostal space even without surgery. Please schedule an appointment with your plastic surgeon to see the reason.

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