What is the percentage of side affects with a breast reduction and how much does one cost?


I am having severe back pain and I believe it is because I have large breasts. I have had large breasts my whole life and I was advised by a physician at a young age that it would be good idea for me to get a reduction but I was scared. Well now I am in pain all day every day and I am seriously considering a breast reduction but I am still scared and I do not know if I can afford it. Can you please provide me advice or insight into this matter, thank you.


Depending on your insurance companies rules, the procedure is commonly covered by insurance. If not, it depends on the fees in your local area. I would suggest you do your research and not go with lowest price, but check out a couple of surgeons who are members of the Aesthetic Society and commonly perform the procedure.


Breast reduction is an excellent means of reducing back and shoulder pain due to large breasts.  The costs of this procedure are variable depending on several things.  If the reduction is large enough and your insurance company covers breast reduction, then they may pay a portion or all of the costs.  If not, then most people find that the cost is well worth the improved symptomatology and ability to wear clothing, etc.  Here again, the costs are variable depending upon who is doing it and how much breast tissue is removed.  See a local plastic surgeon who does a lot of breast reductions to determine these answers.  As far as the "side effects," the most common problem is tiredness for a while during which the body is healing the breasts and swelling that takes several months to resolve.  It is possible to have some delayed healing and a wide scar, although these problems are uncommon.  Again, patient's after a breast reduction are some of the happiest patients in my practice.


Definitely you are a good candidate for this procedure. The cost will depend on the surgeon that you choose and his experience, he must be an ASAPS member. You will fill free from pain and the weight that you have right now in your back. Maybe you can try with your health insurance company, becaus here in the Dominican Republic, sometimes they cover this reduction if it's justified or recommended by an Orthopaedic surgeon and a Psichiatric professional. Because of your backpain.

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