Is permanent removal of a widow's peak possible?


When I was 14 years old, I had a very low widow's peak making my forehead look very small. I took the advice of a friend and plucked out my widow's peak. I'm 24 years old now and I always have to pluck my widow's peak every 2 days. There is now a dark patch where my widow's peak used to be. Is there any way a surgery can fix my problem? Thank you so much.


Surgically altering the hairline is a tricky proposition and is usually a bit more complicated than you may realize.If you have not tried laser hair removal, it may be a possibility if it is available where you live in Australia. If not, there are ways to remove the widow's peak(which many people find attractive) with a Plastic Surgical operation that would require placing a scar in your hairline, The challenge for your Plastic Surgeon will be to hide the scar within the hairline making it as inconspicuous as possible. The answer to your question is a definitive yes, a Plastic Surgeon can fix your problem.  

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