I have persistent asymmetry after undergoing gynecomastia surgery and now also have stiffness in my left breast - what can I do?


I first underwent gynecomastia surgery ten years back.  Since there was asymmetry I again had surgery to correct this.  The asymmetry still persists and I now feel stiffness in the left breast.  What do you advise?


Please consider a consult with an ASAPS Member in your area. When you go for the evaluation please make sure to take copies of all your operative reports. An examination and detailed history will be essential to determine what further action may be of benefit to you. Best,

Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


You have had two gynecomastia reduction surgeries. The scar tissue from the procedure often feels stiff and firm.  This will greatly improve over about one years time.  Massaging the area and taking Vit E 400iu twice a day can help. 

The asymmetry is another issue.  This can be a difference in your overall chest anatomy, scar tissue or not enough tissue removed.  A photo can be helpful.  You can visit gynecomastia.org  to send in photos and ask gynecomastia experts in the ask a doctor section. Good luck.

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