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How can a person get rid of facial and neck hair if they are prone to keloids?


Can a person get rid of facial and neck hair if they are prone to keloids?  Would laser hair removal be the way to go?


You need to consult a DOCTOR to do the hair laser. NOT A TECHNICIAN .

Choosing the right laser for your skin color and being prepared to repeat the procedure multiple times.  Have one area tested first and see what you get.


Laser Hair Removal can effectively and safely remove hair, even on a person with a history of keloids. It is important to have the correct laser for your skin type. Dark skin and dark hair can be very effectively treated with long pulsed nd:yag lasers such as the Candela Gentlelase laser. Because you have a history of keloids, you may with to start with a complimentary spot test just to see how your skin responds after one pulse with a hair removal laser.


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