How can you prevent a shifting of a chin implant?


I have had two chin implant surgeries. The first was placed too far to one side.  Then they redid the surgery, but this time they placed it centered perfect, by tipping sideways quite a bit.  I saw one surgeon in Texas who said he secures the chin implant with screws.  Does using screws cause much more danger or not.  I like the idea of it being secured, as I can't imagine having a 3rd surgery...wrong, leading to a 4th, etc.  I  just can't believe it cannot be done straight.


The rocking of the chin implant is probably due to the anatomy of the chin.  If the bone is not closely symmetrical the implant cannot fit snug and may tilt or tip.

Using an implant that can be shaped and made of two halves that are fitted together at the surgery may solve the problem.  Added fixation with mini screws will secure the implant.


Yes, there are chin implants that are secured with screws.  They are a bit more expensive to purchase and install.  Many plastic surgery practitioners have moved away from chin implants for the issues you are currently experiencing.  Fat grafting to chin works very well and can be a permanent solution to the issue.  Unfortunately, if you pursued fat grafting your chin implant would have to be removed and you most likely would need to wait at least 4 to 6 months before another procedure could be considered.

You should always consider which procedure is going to give you the best long term results and not a quick fix.  Consider getting a second opinion from an ASAPS surgeon on your concerns.  They are experts in this area of facial plastic surgery.



Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS

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