What is the procedure and cost of removing upper arm fat?


I am average weight, but my upper arms are too fat, and exercise doesn't do much. Is there a way to remove a few inches from the back/bottom?


There is definitely a way to remove a few inches from the upper arms.  The method, however, depends on a number of things.  If your skin has excellent elasticity, simple liposuction of the arms can provide the improvement you desire.  However, at your age, the skin is generally not elastic enough for this to provide excellent results.  If this is the case, you will need a brachioplasty, excision of both excess skin and fat.  Although this does have a significant scar, it usually heals exceptionally well and is hidden on the inside of the upper arm unless you elevate your arms.  In spite of the scar almost everyone is exceptionally pleased with this procedure.  See a plastic surgeon experienced in body contouring.  There should be many in your area.


If you are not in overweight, and have no flacidity in your arms skin, a liposuction can be done, otherwise, you will need a armslift.

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