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What is the procedure entail when doing a skin graft to repair a lower eye lid?


My lower eyelid is drooping so much that you can see the red inside the lower lid and it waters all the time, due to a stopped up tear duct. My doctor wants to do a skin graft to pull the lower lid back into place. When I consulted (on the phone) another doctor they said the procedure they do is to stitch the lid in the outer corner of my eyes. I am leery about the skin graft and would like to know what is involved as well as the recovery time. Thank you.


Hi Duck! Unless you have lost lower eyelid skin through a burn or similar injury, it is unlikely that a skin graft is the right operation.  A procedure to lift and tighten the corner of your eye (canthoplasty) will generally permit a quicker recovery and a better result than a skin graft.  A consultation with a plastic surgeon who can offer both procedures is your best next step.

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