What is the best procedure to get rid of thinning skin & dark circles under the eyes?


I am 32 years old and notice recently that under my eyes my skin is thinning and I am getting darker circles. What is the best procedure to even the skin out and get rid of my black circles? I have heard Juvederm is best? Or fat transfer? Or is there a procedure that is best for this?


Several things 'can cause the problems you have. Sometimes just proper skin care can eliminate the darkness. Occasionally, A filler like Juvederm or fat can correct the problem. At other times, surgery is the only answer. See a Plastic Surgeon with experience in all these areas.


Dark Circles Below the Eyes – There is no known treatment for dark circles below the eyes. One can blend the eyelid/cheek junction and can use topical lightening creams including Kojic Acid, Hydroquinone, as well as Retin-A. In general, you cannot completely avoid dark circles under the eyes.

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