What procedures can be done to correct dark circles consistently under eyes since birth?


Hello. I am 20 years old and I have always had very dark circles under my eyes. I am very pale and it always looks like never sleep, even though I sleep on average 9 hours a night. What procedures can be done and what are the costs to correct this. It is getting worse as I get older.


You have to correct or hide these issues.  You are at an age where surgery would not make sense.  If you use the ask a surgeon function on Smart Beauty Guide you can find a Plastic Surgeon in your area to gather more information.


Many people have dark circles under their eyes. Since you are fair skinned part of the problem may be that your eyelid skin is so thin that the small blood vessels are visible and causing a blue or purple color to the eyelid skin. If this is the case IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments may help.

Insist that eye shields be placed over the eyes for protection during treatment.

For more information read: http://drseckel.com/dark-circles-under-the-eyes/dark-circles-under-eyes/

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