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I've had an extremely poor outcome of a breast augmentation. My surgeon agreed and waived his fee to perform another surgery to "fix the problem". I spent my savings only to have the 2nd surgery leaving me with more scars, visible permanent sutures poking though my skin and the deformity looked even worse! I'm left scared emotionally and physically. I know there are many people who have bigger problems and I don't want to sound superficial or self absorbed; I'm just checking on my options.



 I am so sorry to hear about your cosmetic surgery course. I realize it will be tough but, you should start with the surgeon who performed your original procedures. If it has been very recent since your surgery they may recommend time & patience. May I suggest you write down your questions before you go, obtain your records ( operative notes, lab, etc. ) and ask for a set of pre and post operative pictures from each of your surgery’s. Ask your questions, try to listen and avoid any aggressive or adversarial behavior. It does not hurt to take someone you trust with you to just listen.

 Obviously, the result you have obtained are much less than what you expected. Consider confirming your option with at least two consults to ASAPS Members. Take your data ( reports, lab, photographs, etc. ) with you to these appointments. Again, write down your concerns and issues. Again, it does not hurt to take someone you trust with you to just listen. Avoid blame and ask the ASAPS members to review your materials, examine you, give their opinions and any recommendations they may have for corrective action/ surgery. Do not expect these consults to be free as these surgical practitioners are not responsible for your original surgery's.

 Now, assimilate the information ( i.e. what are the issues such as, visible permanent sutures, etc.). Write down your options as presented by these practitioners ( i.e. the visible permanent sutures can be removed but, my areolar may get larger, etc. ). Now you have reliable experienced/ professional data and options for correction if required.

Yes, this requires time, effort and a bit of leg work but, it should be worth it.  Best,



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


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