I had a prolactinoma with some residual milk. What incision is best to minimize infection?


I had a prolactinoma and recently had an MRI and was told it is no longer there. My labs have also come back within normal range. I have some residual milk that I have to extract but not much, if any. Would going through the nipple put me at greater risk for infection or capsular contracture for breast augmentation? Or should I consider going through the crease of the breast. I am going under the muscle regardless with silicone, just wanted to see what was the best option. Thank you so much!


It is much safer to wait till there is no milk production.

An inframammary incision and placement of the implant under the muscle so there is minimal contact with the ductal system. Some feel more comfortable to place the implant sub-fascial to avoid contact with the ductal system  as well.


If you have at least six months after you finish breast feeding you can ask your ASAPS member Plastic surgeon to put breast implants through the Mammary fold under the pectoralis fascia. This will be a non touch gland breast augmentation.


Thank you for your question.  An inframammary crease incision in the fold beneath the breast and submuscular placement of breast implants is the best option for you.  This will minimize any contact with the breast gland containing the prolactinomaor the milk contained.



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