Proper treatment for fat over fill to the lower eye lids


8 weeks ago I had fat fill in my lower eye lids. My left eye has a sausage look bump that has an uneven contour. I have been to two different plastic surgeons who have very different ideas on how to treat. When I read posts, the plastic surgeons seem to be all over the board with what is the proper way to treat this particular issue. How do you know which is the right fix and who is the right doctor to do it?



This is tough issue and sometimes can require more than one minor procedure to correct. Some plastic surgeons will try to liposuction the area to remove the fat or inject substances to attempt to shrink or dissolve the fat. This can be very difficult in the peri-occular area. The most successful outcomes with removal of excessive fat injections  around the eye area unfortunately have occurred with direct excision. Best,



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Fat in Tear Trough Area – There is no role for fat in the tear trough area as that is not where fat normally lives and should not be placed there. It is a significant challenge to correct. The best option is to remove it by aspiration, but it is not something that should be put there. It is really challenging and can often be disfiguring as well. My best advice is do not have fat placed in your eye tear trough area.

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