How do I protect my skin after laser dermabrasion on my face?


16 days ago I had laser dermabrasion on my face. A week ago I went to the doctor. He found everything was fine. Several areas of my face were becoming white, others were light pink. During the car ride back there was some sun exposure even though I tried to cover with a scarf and hat. When I got home I had 2 red circles under my eyes and my cheeks were redder. Now I am still bright red in those areas. How should I protect my skin now? The doctor did not give me instructions. What do I do?



 Please address your concerns with your practioner as they should be managing your post procedure/ operative care. Our laser resurfacing patients are provided with a free bottle Total Block Sum block to help prevent post operative photo dermatitis/ damage. It is available on Amazon. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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