Can I put in smaller implants today to replace larger implants of ten years ago without needing a breast lift?


I had breast augmentation with implants ten years ago.  It seems like my breasts have gotten a lot larger even though I have lost weight.  I actually dislike my breasts now.  If I have smaller implants put in, would I need to get a breast lift too?  If I have the implants removed without replacing them, would I need a breast lift?


The answers to your questions are very difficult without more data (i.e. breast size, size/type of implants, height, weight, etc.) and photographs.  It is normal for the female breast to sag, drop, or become ptotic as we age.  This appears to be your greatest concern.  May I suggest you consult one of the many members of the ASAPS.  They are experts in breast surgery.



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This is a question that can not be answered without an in person examination to evaluate the breast tissue, the implant, the capsule and the skin elasticity.  Then, what are your expectations and desires, and how to achieve them?  Consult with a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON (AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY) for an evaluation and discuss your options and risks.


This is difficult to answer without examining you in person. You may require a breast lift if you choose to downsize your current implants. Another question is if you even need any implants at all, as your natural breast tissue appears to have increased in size over time. I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon for a complete examination and review of your surgical options.

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Placement of Smaller implants After Larger Implants – In general, if patients have had a breast augmentation and have larger breasts and now want to be smaller which is not uncommon, one needs to realize (especially if a significant amount of time has gone more than 10 years) one can downsize, but if the patient has breast ptosis (droopy breasts) then the downsizing may increase the level of breast ptosis. This may require a breast lift to be done concomitantly or at a later time.


If your breasts have increased in size significantly then removal of your implants may be done and you may be happy with the breast tissue that you have.  However replacing breast implants was significant smaller breast implants can result in sagging.  For proper answer you need to be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon for consultation and opinion.

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