Radical Hysterectomy for Cervical Cancer


I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I came alive again after being depressed for three years from this diagnosis, so, I would like to have liposuction for the pooch I now have below my navel. My cancer was diagnosed in May 2009 and I was staged 1b1 by a gynecologic oncologist. I'm now three years NED. Am I a candidate for liposuction and/or a mini tummy tuck? Do you think I am foolish for wanting to do this? By the way, I am 50 years-old.



 No, you are not foolish for wanting a youthful appearing abdomen. If you asked most women who have had abdominal surgery (Hysterectomy, C-Section, etc.) if it was possible to restore their abdomen to a youthful appearance they would want it. 

 In your case start with your internal medicine or family practice physician, get an EKG and cardiopulmonary clearance. This way you will  know whether you are healthy enough for the procedure. Seek out evaluation from your oncologist. Consider having them document your diagnosis, treatment and current non-disease status. Now it is time to go see an ASAPS Member for a consult on body contouring. Take this documentation with you to the visit. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Plastic Surgery after Cancer Treatment

After being cancer free following treatment for cancer, plastic surgery is a good way to help you feel normal again. It is hard via this medium to say what would be appropriate for you. but either liposuction or some type of tummy tuck will probably provide the improvement you seek. If you have not done so recently, revisit your gynecologic oncologist and your primary care doctor to make sure there are no problems that might raise your risks. If they pronounce you fit for surgery, then see a plastic surgeon to discuss your desires.

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