Radiesse under eye injection; ridge left under eye.


I had Radiesse cheekbone injections, which were fine.  Unfortunately the doctor added one injection under my eye which left a ridge.  After 2 years, the ridge is still there.  To correct this, a month ago, another doctor injected Juvederm in that same under eye area - this injection caused a bluish raised lump to form.  I was told to massage it in, the results of which were a lengthened ridge extending to the outside corner of the under eye area.  The ridge was treated with hyaluronidase, but now after 3 days the extended under eye ridge is still evident (as well as the Radiesse 2 year old ridge). What can I do?  Is this now permanent?  Who may be able to treat this.  My current surgeon has given me two different stories.  Please help!


Lumpiness of Radiesse under the eyes is very difficult to treat.  You need to consult a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON (AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY) for a complete exam, reviewing the location of the Radiesse, and your options.

Massage sometimes will soften the results. Surgery, if ever, is the last resort in severe cases. Time MAY dissolve the Radiesse.  Be careful - seek the opinion of an expert, and interview many surgeons before making any decisions toward treatment.


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