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Is Radiesse suitable for nose reshaping or is surgery the only option?


Is Radiesse suitable to straighten and remove a small bump on my nose?


A full consultation is necessary to determine your best options. I often use temporary fillers to reshape the nose and camouflage a small dorsal hump or increase tip projection. I prefer to use softer fillers like Juvederm or Restylane in the nose. I think that Radiesse is a little thick for such a fine area as the nose. The upside is that fillers often last many years in the nose and recovery is much quicker.


Radiesse is used to hide imperfections in the nose commonly after surgery. Occasionally a small amount of scar tissue may develop that will make slight differences in the two sides. It is not able to remove a bump, but try to hide it visually. 


Radiesse For Nasal Reshaping- Radiesse is not a good option in the nose. It’s an excellent long-term biodegradable filler.  Radiesse is not good for augmentation in the nose, as there is very little to no subcutaneous tissue. Use a hyaluronic acid filler like Juvederm, Restylane or Voluma as they are biodegradable over 6-12 months.


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