Do you recommend losing the weight before a breast reduction?


I'm 19 years old, 154lbs, and 5'2" tall. My bra size is 34D. I'm an athletic person and my breasts just get in the way. When exercising, and simple work, I have back and neck problems from my breasts. I've always wanted an A cup. It's my dream size. Is it possible to have an A cup from this? I am also in the process of losing weight. I'm trying to get to 120. Do you recommend losing the weight first? If I lost weight after, will it effect the new breast size?


Does a woman have to loose weight before a breast reduction? No.  (And surgery can make exercise much more comfortable, and successful.)

On the other hand; Does a woman get a better reduction procedure after reaching their goal weight?  Probably yes.  Your surgeon can then match your surgery to your current body proportions.  Major weight loss after a reduction may cause increased settling or drooping of the breasts -- less beautiful results. 

As far as your goal of an A cup size, I suggest you have an in-person consultation with your board certified plastic surgeon. 

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