Do you recommend oxygen facials after surgery?


I had a rhytidectomy and endoscopic midface/malar lift one week ago.  I am healing fine, however, my doctor said that I could have some optional oxygen facials that may help reduce the swelling faster.  I have scheduled this procedure for tomorrow.  Do you think it will have any effect in reducing the swelling in my cheek area?


Oxygen facial has NO significant clinical effect on healing, post operative bruising or swelling.  It is a good marketing and money generator to the practice.


Oxygen Facials – Do They Work? – I think oxygen facials are somewhat of an oxymoron in that we live on Earth that has oxygen and to super saturate oxygen really makes no sense. It has no scientific merit to my knowledge.


There have been no studies that I am aware of that prove that oxygen facials or lymphatic drainage facials make a significant difference following surgery. But, they may help, and when performed by a well trained medical aesthetician in a plastic surgery medical spa, they can't hurt. We offer these facials treatments in my Raleigh, NC spa and clients seem to enjoy the treatments. It also gives our patients an opportunity to have close contact with more of our staff members, and the feeling that they are being proactive in their after care.  

We offer treatments of this nature with our compliments. We want to do anything and everything possible to make the clients feel better and heal as quickly as possible. Not all plastic surgeons offer after-care like lymphatic drainage, laser treatments for scare treatment, makeup application, etc. this in their practices. Patients should always get clearance from their plastic surgeon before having any aesthetic treatments administered at a spa or anywhere outside the office if your plastic surgeon in the weeks and months following surgery.


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