Can you recommend a plastic surgeon to remove a breast implant?


I had breast augmentation 5 weeks ago. I'm 48 120# was a b cup lost a lot of weight. I went to an A cup. I told my doctor I didn't want to be big. He put in 421cc. At 4 weeks he told me I have capsular contracture. I want them out. I'm scared of what I'll look like when they come out. Can you tell me what to expect and recommend a great doctor as I don't want to stay with mine. I'm in Columbus Ohio.


Look on this site for a plastic surgeon near you.  There should be a number of them.  Next, go to their website and see if they have significant interest in breast surgery including augmentation and lifts.  Also look at before and after pictures to see if you like the results.  Even some of the members of this organization tend to put quite large implants in.  What you probably will need is a capsulectomy with replacement of the implants with a smaller size and, perhaps, some type of breast lift.  If you simply removed the implants, you will most likely need a significant breast lift and you will probably be smaller than you were initially.  Make sure you discuss your desires at length with the surgeon and come to a complete understanding of what there to do and what your results are most likely to be before agreeing to anything..


You can choose a ASAPS member plastic surgeon close to your area through this website.

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