What can be done for red stretch marks on both breasts after having breast augmentation surgery eight weeks ago?


It's been 7-8 weeks since my breast augmentation surgery and I have red stretch marks on both breasts now.  I went from an A/B cup to a D cup.  I want to act quickly to try and reduce them as soon as possible.  I am not seeing my surgeon for another 3 weeks.  I've tried Internet searching but have not gotten help there  - it suggests using Cocoa Butter but that has not helped the problem.  Please advise what I can do.


Unfortunately, there is not a great treatment for stretch marks at this time. Some practitioners do utilize the Pulse Dye Laser to assist in decreasing the size of these stretch marks. Often, multiple procedures are required to produce a noticeable result. Consider an ASAPS Member in your area that specializes in Laser Ablation.


Gary R. Culbertson, MD


The 1540 non ablative fractional erbium laser can reduce redness and size of stretch marks. Early treatment is important.


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