How much for a reduction/lift after having implants removed?


I'm having my implants removed after 24 years due to back and shoulder pain which my insurance is paying for, but not sure if they are going to cover the reduction/lift. I am a DD right now and would like to be a B. If I have to pay for the reduction/lift, can you give me an estimate of the cost?


 It bight be a bit safer if your implants are really 24 years old to first have the implants and capsules removed and then, return at a latter date for the lift or reduction. There can be significant scaring especially from old silicone implants that can increase the complications such as nipple loss, skin necrosis, etc. from a lift or reduction performed at the same setting as old silicone implant removal. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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