Regaining abdominal fat after liposuction: What to do?


I had liposuction about 10 years ago and somehow my abdominal area got too big again. From what the surgeon said the first time, lipo only works on fat that is above the muscle. So is this new fat the brown kind of fat around the organs? Or did I regrow my old fat? Would another round of lipo get rid of it or is there any other procedure I could try?


Without an examination, it is impossible to know exactly where your far has accumulated. I would suspect it is both above and below the abdominal muscle. Your previous surgeon was correct,  liposuction only works on fat that is above the muscle. However, it removes fat cells and you are not as likely to reaccumulate fat there as much as in other places.ces.c Most likely you have simply gained weight, including around your internal organs, as your metabolism has changed while you have aged. Modifying your diet slowly so you get used to a diet with less carbs and sugar (and NO sugar substitute) should allow you to regain what you had. If, after losing the additional weight, you have excess skin, then that can be fixed by your plastic surgeon.

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