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Can I remove my 820 cc saline implants and have lift to achieve a "Barely B" cup size?


I was a Barely B cup size before implants 12 years ago, but I breast fed and they sagged ... so when I got implants I went really big from 34 barely B to 34F. I want them out now but want to return to my original size (minus the sagging). Is that possible? What all would I need done? Also, I'm African American and I do keloid...any way to minimize scarring from lift?


You had the 820 cc implant for 12 years, breast feeding, so the breast skin and tissue stretched, skin lost elasticity fro  aging(12 years) and the large implant.

Since you are keloid former and express that concern, then remove the implant, see how much skin retraction occur then decide if you want a lift with the scar that it has


Breast lift creates visible scars so I would be concerned about keloids. Best to remove implants and wait to see how you look


Queloids is always a possibility in a surgery in your skin type. Of course is possible to  perform the surgery that you require, a breastlift with smaller implants to reach a B cup, but be prepare to an inverted T scar. Try to choose an ASAPS member plastic surgeon.


If you have enough breast tissue to achieve you desired size then this will work,  However, the type of breast lift will most likely need is the inverted T incision.  This is maximal scarring and the Keloid issue may be a problem.  You need to consult with a PS to take a good history and exam.  good luck.

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