What can be done to remove a large, ugly C-section scar after having 3 C-sections?


I've had three C-sections which have left me with a large stomach and a big C-section scar.  What can be done to remove this ugly scar?


I have been encountering more and more patients who through exercise, good fortune, and quite probably the right genes maintain a flat abdominal wall after pregnancy, but who have some excess skin below the belly button. This situation is actually quite common in patients who are very fit and athletic, and it can often be improved dramatically in an office procedure that involves removal of redundant skin only.

I also see a fair number of patients who are content with the overall appearance of their anterior abdomen, but who are not that happy with their C-section scar. C-section scar revision is also frequently performed as an office procedure, and minor lateral extension of the C-section scar can allow some tightening of the lower abdominal skin to be performed in those patients who desire it.

M.M. Law, MD


The most important step is to be seen and examined by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Scars are functions of genetics, closure technique and capacity to heal. There are significant differences in the ability of plastic surgeons to close wounds versus other surgeons. In terms of excess abdominal tissue, it is crucial to know how much of the abdominal size is the skin and fat and how much is related to the organs. That being said, there are multiple options to help remove this scar and excess tissue.

R.W. Whitfield, MD


Although a scar revision can often be done for C-section scars when there is excess skin above the scar or localized fat, a tummy tuck is more likely to give the best result. This would of course replace the C-section scar with a new (and hopefully nicer) one.

R.A. Baxter, MD

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Mountlake Terrace, WA


If you are concerned about your large stomach and C section scar, then a tummy tuck may help you improve both areas. However you need to understand that you will have a longer scar with the tummy tuck procedure and this may heal better or it may not. A consultation with a plastic surgeon will give you more information on what you can expect will give you the best result.

Adrian Lo, MD

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