How to Remove a Scar Under the Eye?


It is 2 years old scar and it is 11-12mm long and it is quite deep, what is the best way of removing it, is it a surgical revision or something else? (many doctors have told me that it was sewn very poorly and many event thought that it wasn't sewn at all)



Scars cannot be removed. They can be modified and placed in relaxed skin tension lines to be less noticeable. Consider a consult with one of the members of the ASAPS to determine your options and the best course of treatment. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Although scars can never be completely removed, often they can be revised to improve their appearance.  A deep scar can usually be improved by removing the scar and suturing the skin to create a flatter, less noticeable appearance.  The results are often better than at the time of the original laceration repair because the surrounding skin is much healthier at the time of revision and the procedure can be done more precisely.

Susan D. Vasko, MD, FACS

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