Is it possible to repair tissue that breaks ten weeks after having breast augmentation?


Ten weeks ago, I had my implants changed.  With my first follow-up, my Plastic Surgeon told me that he used 600 cc implants, as the 525 cc ones we discussed would not make a difference.  My surgeon said that the implant is breaking through my breast tissue and there is no support for it as it is too heavy.  I also had a thigh lift along with the augmentation.  So, now ten weeks and $16,000 later, he wants another $8,000 to do a repair.  Is it even possible to repair tissue that breaks?


I think that the 600 cc implant is indeed heavy and quite large in my opinion. You can have the result improved by going back down in size in implant with a lift, and possibly using alloderm if needed for additional support. This is commonly performed as woman do change sizes in implants. Whether alloderm is needed for additional support needs a consult with a board certified surgeon to feel the tissues and see what support is needed. As to whether your tissue broke? I think that more likely the size was too much for your tissues. Why the change is size by your surgeon - I cannot answer.

R.Rosen, MD


I am not sure what "tissue break" refers to after a breast implant exchange. If the new implants are stretching and thinning the skin then reconstruction with Alloderm support is probably a good idea.

If implant is exposed it must be removed. Discuss your concern about a size change on the table with your plastic surgeon. There are costs involved-Alloderm and OR and Anesthesia fees could be well over $6000. Ask if the surgeon is minimizing your professional fees.

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