Can I replace my cohesive gel implants with smooth gel implants for a more natural feel and look?


I had breast augmentation done a couple of years ago going from a size 34 A to 34 C with cohesive textured gel implants.  Now I feel they are a bit big and too firm.  I would like to switch to smooth gel implants and go to a size 34 B.  Will I get the natural feel with smooth implants and will the procedure be the same?  Also, I had dual plane done before . What would you advise?


Yes, breast implants can be exchanged and different types of implants are often requested with the exchange. Yes, you can go to a smaller size. The issue of softness does require an examination. You may have developed capsular contracture which presents some serious issues by itself. Consider a consult with one of the members of the ASAPS in your area to address your concerns.


Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


Downsizing implants is becoming a popular procedure, and is often a relatively simple procedure. Textured implants generally feel firmer than smooth implants, and the firmest type is form-stable implants such as Allergan style 410 and Mentor CPG. Unless you have additional problems such as animation deformity or double bubble, it is probably best to have the new implants in the same dual plane space.

R.A. Baxter, MD

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Yes you can replace textured breast implants with smooth implants. Downsizing may help reduce firmness. However if the firmness is caused by capsular contracture you will also need capsulectomy and Acellular Dermis placement. Submuscular placement is best.


Changes can always be implemented.  Assuming you do not have a contracture, downsizing to a smooth round gel would be anticipated to be straightforward.  Best to see your surgeon to make sure you don't have other issues causing your concerns.


Yes, you can certainly downsize to a smaller size and a different implant. This is a common practice.  Your plastic surgeon can help with how far down you can go without having to much skin laxity.  The feel of the implant can be softer as well. This also depends on how much breast tissue that you have for coverage.  Good luck

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