Do I require a tummy tuck after losing 60 pounds along with loosened skin - do my muscles need to be tightened?


I've lost 60 pounds and a lot of abdominal skin has loosened.  My doctor tells me that I do not need a tummy tuck (that he doesn't have to tighten the stomach muscles) because I work out a lot and my stomach muscles are tight and no repair is needed.  However, other doctors that I have seen say the muscles need to be tightened.  Your opinion please!


Tummy Tuck and Muscle Tightening after Weight Loss and Workout

If you have significant loose skin on the upper and lower abdomen, you need an abdominoplasty if you desire to have a flat stomach. If you are doing a tummy tuck, a muscle tightening is always a part of it. This is because the fascia between the muscles is always stretched. Some of the other fascia may also be stretched and need tightening also. Having tight muscles is good, but does not tighten the fascia. When you flex the muscles, it may seem as if the abdomen is tight, but it is not. Whomever told you that you do not need muscle tightening has just not had enough experience or was on a different wave length during your discussion.

R.T. Buchanan, MD

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