What are the requirements for a breast reduction?


I am 37...I have eight children, so yes I am done with that...I am 220 pounds 5 ft 4 in tall and I am larger than a 44DDD. What are the requirements for a breast reduction?


Each insurance company is different but most require that you are under 180 pounds, larger than a DD, and have tried physical therapy for upper back and shoulder discomfort and have not had relief from the back pain.


You probably are a candidate for breast reduction surgery. How ever your BMI is 37.8 and with that weight you are a high risk for surgery. You need to get near your ideal body weight so that you will get the best results and decrease your risks of the surgery.

It is better to contact your insurance company and ask about their criteria for coverage of the surgery.


The first one is to lose weight. The second one, a consultation with an ASAPS plastic surgeon, and then, blood tests, Xray and evaluation with the cardiologist.

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