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Is a restorative procedure available?


I had mid-face, eyebrow lifts and eye lid surgeries all once in December 2012. But it doesn't look natural. I have some kind of pull on my chin muscles. I am looking for doctor would do restorative procedure. I like to know what you think! Thank you!



 Revisional or restorative plastic surgery is a specialty unto itself in plastic surgery. First, may I suggest you request copy's of your operative report & pre-operative pictures from you facelift surgeon. Then, look for some pictures of yourself when you where young. Lastly, write down the three things you do not like about your face in the order of importance.  

 This information can be essential for your new surgeon to understand how best to assist you in your secondary surgery. Seek out a consult with a member of the ASAPS that "Fixes Facelifts." This unfortunately is becoming more common. Hopefully, only a minor revision will be required. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS



I am sorry to hear that you are having problems and are unhappy with your result. As problems like yours are possible even after surgery from experienced surgeons, it is, unfortunately becoming more common as more surgeons with less experience begin doing facial rejuvenation. Without knowing exactly what the problem is, having your records of the original procedure and an examination it is impossible to give any specific advice. However, most problems are fixable by someone with experience in revisions. Make sure whomever you see is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and specializes in facial rejuvenation and revision procedures. See


This is a common issue after facelift surgery.  If you seek another plastic surgeon you need to provide the information of the op report and pre-op photos; this is very important. Much can be done for facelift correction but a very experienced plastic surgeon is critical.  You must do your home work to find one that is well qualified and you like.  Good Luck.

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