Will restylane help with droppy cheeks?


Hi i have another question. Will Restylane help with my drooping cheeks and also is it a bad idea to get both Restlyane cheek lift and cheek implants? Thanks


 For drooping cheeks deep fillers such as Sculptra will most likely be more effect and have a longer duration than a product like Restylane. Facial Fillers should be avoided prior to placement of facial implants. Another very viable option you may not have considered is fat grafting to the face. Fat grafting to the malar regions or cheeks would probably be the most reliable, durable and safe surgical procedure to address drooping checks. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Non-Surgical Correction of Drooping Cheeks – An optimal way to correct sagging cheeks is obviously with surgery. A non-surgical way to correct this is by using a deep filler to volumize such as Radiesse which is optimal for this area.

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