Will the results of a breast augmentation be affected if I have the procedure done first and then proceed to have another baby?


I want to have breast augmentation done within the next couple of months.  However, I plan on having another baby in the next few years.  If I have the breast augmentation done first before I have the baby, will the results of the augmentation then be ruined after the baby is born?  I don't want to spend the money and then need for them to be redone.


Having a baby after a breast augmentation can result in the breast enlarging and then shrinking leaving the skin stretched. This results in droop that may require a lift. Of course, this could happen before the augmentation. If it happens before, you could combine the enlargement with the lift. If it happens after the enlargement, you could do the lift alone. Either way, the result is the same.

R.T. Buchanan, MD


If you have breast augmentation and then have a baby, then your result may be affected. I have had women whose breasts did not change much after having the baby and they did not need any revisional surgery. Other women have needed larger implants to fill up the loose skin from loss of their natural breast tissue from pregnancy and breast feeding. Other women have needed a breast lift. It really depends on how large your breasts become with pregnancy and whether you breast feed or not.

Generally, I do not recommend breast augmentation if you plan on having a baby within a year.

Adrian Lo, MD



Thank you for your question. I usually recommend that patients have breast augmentation after they are done having children. Pregnancy can stretch the breast skin and after pregnancy the breast gland becomes smaller and the result is often sagging of the breast.

If you have augmentation now you certainly can have a lift after pregnancy if necessary. However, often, after pregnancy the breast augmentation can be modified  to avoid a lift which might save you from needing a second operation.

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