How is a revision of a breast reduction done?


I've had a breast reduction and only gone down one cup size.  I would like to have the results that my surgeon and I originally agreed upon which is to be 3 cup sizes smaller from a DDD to a C.  Do I need a breast reduction revision and how is this done?


Breast Reduction Revision

Revision of a Breast Reduction is done like the original procedure but with more breast tissue being removed.  The problem is that the nipple/areola has to be preserved.  If you have someone else other than the original surgeon do the revision, make sure they have the operative report from the first surgery so they know where the blood supply to the nipple is.


We do not know how long after the surgery you are, and how much in weight was taken out of your breasts.  If it is still early after the surgery, you might be swollen, so be patient for the final result.

If it is six months to a year after the surgery, then a revision can be done.  Your surgeon needs to know what technique was used in the first surgery to preserve the blood supply to the nipple areola and decrease the risk of nipple areola loss.

See your plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns.  The surgery is exactly the same as the first surgery.


The revision surgery would probably be done much the same way the original procedure was performed.  Given the size of the reduction you desire, both skin and breast tissue would probably have to be removed.  If only a very small reduction in the volume of the breast or a very limited touch-up was indicated, some surgeons might use liposuction.


You would require a further reduction which I would perform as an outpatient utilizing your present incisions.  I can usually precisely remove the cup size amount you wish.  You would need to be in the area a minimum of five days. 

Dr. Ed Domanskis, Newport Beach, CA

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Newport Beach, CA


Redoing a breast reduction is simple if the surgeon knows what the first procedure was used to preserve the nipple areola blood supply.

Simply once the surgeon knows what pedicle was used he/she can repeat the same or a modified procedure to preserve the blood supply . Then any amount can be removed safely.

Cosult a board certified plastic surgeon and have the operative report available for review.

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