Revision rhinoplasty and failure to disclose?


I had revision rhinoplasty after my tip had been over-rotated.  I was told that my ear cartilage may be used.  While under anesthesia, bone grafting from the septal spine (septal cartilage) was used to create a bridge, and the bone between my eyes was split fracturing into my orbital and up to my eyebrow through my supra-orbital notch.  Is there ever a case where this would be necessary?  I'm in pain, feel fluid from my left eye that travels through my nose and settles in the back of my throat. Thanks for your time.


I am sorry to hear about your adverse event. It would be important to first review your records to make a determination of what has happened. May I suggest you go and get a copy of your consent forms, operative report and pre operative photographs from your surgeon. Then consider an opinion from an ASAPS member in your area regarding your outcome. Normally a fracture of the frontal bar as you have described would be a bit unusual with a rhinoplasty.


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


It is of course impossible for me to advise you accurately without examining you and understanding what the surgeon intended. If you are asking if a fracture through the nasal bones into the orbit and the bone between your eyes (which I take to be the frontal bone) is normally done in rhinoplasty, even revision surgery, the answer is no.

You do need to be examined by a surgeon experienced in facial aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. It is very likely that you can be helped.

I wish you the best.

M. B. Constantian, MD

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