Can rhinoplasty reshape a very large nose?


I have quite a large nose.  It is straight but long and large in general.  I am looking to get a nose job and was wondering how much my nose could be reshaped to make it smaller.  I like the shape but want to have it scaled down quite a bit.  Please advise.


Yes, your condition is very common. Start by writing the three things you do not like about your nose.  Rate them in importance.  Also, be prepared to answer questions about any difficulty breathing.  For the large/ long nose anticipate you most likely require osteotomies (the surgeon will have to break your nose).  Look for a member of  ASAPS in your area.  They can provide pre and post operative pictures of their actual patients and not an archive of other surgeons' patients from a national library.


Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


I recommend you consult with a Rhinoplasty surgeon who offers computer imaging.  This offers you the best opportunity to view what your new nose, without actually having surgery, would look like.  It will give you a very good idea if you would be pleased with the results.


The nose can be reshaped with accuracy. However the nose needs to be reshaped to be in harmony with your face.  That is why rhinoplasty is an art and a science.

Computer imaging can help with the communication with your surgeon, as to what you like, what you need to change, and how.  What are your expectations and are they realistic?

Feminine or masculine noses will be a different look.

Once you have all your answers and agree with your surgeon, then you CAN go ahead with the surgery. Choose a board certified plastic surgeon (AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY).


Reshaping a Large Nose – Rhinoplasty is the most challenging operative procedure done in cosmetic plastic surgery. However, reshaping and making a large nose proportionate with the rest of the face is an excellent operative procedure. However, one has to re-drape the underlying skeleton with the skin framework, but it can be done in the hands of someone with experience and expertise in rhinoplasty.

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