How to get rid of dark under eyes


My skin under my eyes is dark and sunk in, someone told me I could have fat injections to correct this. Will fat injections help improve my dark under eye appearance, and if so how much will this procedure cost?


Dark circles around the eyes could be

1: actual pigmentation of the skin of the upper and lower lids. Treatment of this could take a long time of skin care, chemical peels or laser resurfacing" if your skin color allows"

2: the dark circles can be due to hollowness or shadows casted on the lids, in these cases getting rid of the cause of the shadows, be it herniated fat or hollowness. This can be achieved with removing herniated fat, or redistribution of herniated fat. with or without fat transfer to the hollow eye lids.


 Dark circles under the eye are a common issue faced by plastic surgeons. Correction is often dependent upon your skin type, race and any medical issues/conditions you may presently have. The most difficult dark circles around the eyes to improve are those that occur in the Afro-American patient. Please consider a consult with a member of the ASAPS to determine which modility would best serve your needs. Best,




Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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