How can I get rid of a lump from scar tissue after Liposuction?


I have a lump in my upper abdomen due to liposuction.  I had the liposuction redone but now the lump is even larger.  What needs to be done to get rid of the lump?


To determine what to do for a lump after liposuction requires a thorough examination to determine what the lump is and why it occurred, and knowledge of the time from the liposuction.  Some lumps are merely residual edema (swelling) that can take up to several months to resolve.  Others can be a localized hematoma (collection of blood from bleeding). These take up to a year to absorb and, occasionally, need to be surgically removed.  Other lumps are just residual fat that can be removed by secondary liposuction.  In your case, since you have had more liposuction, this is unlikely.  Some are scarring from too much liposuction in the area.  If you are unhappy with the answers you have been given, see a Plastic Surgeon who has significant experience with liposuction and has been doing it for many years.


The etiology of the lump would be the best thing to determine.  Often an MRI with weighted images (T1 & T2) can help delineate if the “lump” is just fat or a soft tissue mass like a Lipoma.



Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


Correction of contour irregularities from liposuction in the abdomen:

This can be very difficult to do.  Correction of contour depressions in the abdomen is problematic as this area does not have a deep rigid structured adherence like that in the lateral thighs.  It is difficult to correct and therefore is often not amenable to do just fat injection alone.  If there is significant contour depression which is often seen after “laser or smart liposuction," sometimes skin removal such as mini abdominoplasty or even full abdominoplasty may be indicated if it is a severe contour deformity.

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