Are there any risks associated with a second breast reduction 30 years after having the first one?


I would like to have another breast reduction at age 58.  My first procedure was done 30 years ago by a doctor who has now retired; therefore I have no operative report of the method used for the first operation. I am concerned about the risks, especially nipple loss, not knowing the procedure used the first time.  My scars are a straight line down from my nipples (no horizontal scars).


You are right to be worried about nipple loss with a redo breast reduction, as this is the major risk of this operation, especially not knowing the exact method used the first time. Having initially been done 30 years ago does give some insight to the position of the nipple blood supply, however. There are also other ways of determining this during the procedure. To improve your risks, seek an older plastic surgeon who has done breast reduction for about 30 years and has significant experience in revision breast surgery. Your only other major risks are any problems you might have with your health. These can be evaluated by your primary care physician.

R. T. Buchanan, MD

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