How much roughly does eyelid surgery cost?


I'm 24 years old and have baggy upper eyelids. They sag so much that I find it hard applying eye makeup. I feel like I'm always raising my eyebrows just to open my eyes properly so I can see my eye lids. I'm sure that my sagging eyelids are because of a violent attack and they've been this way since I was 19. I just want them to look normal, I want a nice pair of eyes that I don't think add on 10 years to my face. It's really upsetting that I have these horrible eyelids. How much roughly does eyelid surgery cost?


 A picture would have been of great assistance in answering your question but, here is some information that may send you in the right direction. The upper eyelid can sag and become redundant with time. This is more common in the elderly where you can see the upper eyelid skin touch their lash line. Another issue that is more common in younger patients is the position of the eye brow. If the eyebrow is low than it can produce a sad or unfavorable appearance. Here is a link for your review. Please look at the Endoscopic Brow Lift patients ( And, sometimes it can be a combination of both factors. Consider a consult with one of the many ASAPS members in your area for a consult. Many are experts in Occuloplastic Surgery. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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