Is it safe to have multiple procedures?


Can a tummy tuck (with the belly button repositioned, liposuction on the thighs and labiaplasty be safely done at the same time?


Multiple procedures are associated with an increased risk of complications. One important factor to consider is the length of time you will be under general anesthesia. Generally speaking if your elective surgery will take longer than 4 hours I personally do not do an additional procedure. Ask your surgeon how long the multiple procedures will take.

Another issue is the safety of doing multiple procedures in adjacent areas and the effect that will have on your recovery. Full Abdominoplasty is a significant operation which stresses the blood supply of the abdominal area and can result is significant discomfort during recovery. Personally I believe adding liposuction of the thighs and a Labiaplasty would complicate your recovery from a wound care and discomfort standpoint.

However you will need to rely on the advice of your board certified plastic surgeon for advice.


It will on the surgeon that you choose, please try that is a member of ASAPS. If you are not in overweight and has an optimum physical an mental health, it won't be a problem, since the surgeon have entire confidence in the Gynecologist. If not, do the tummy Tuck with the little Lipo, and 3 months after go for the Vaginal surgery. Good luck


Combination procedures are done frequently, such as the mommy makeover which includes a tummy tuck and breast surgery (usually implants and/or lift.) If you are in good health, not significantly overweight (BMI <30), your surgery time is less than 5-6 hours, and the procedure is done by a board certified plastic surgeon (ASAPS member) in an accredited surgical facility, then your risks should be acceptable.

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