Is it safe for a person with diabetes to have a breast reduction?


I have very large breasts (size 50-52 DD bra size).  I want to have breast reduction but I am diabetic.  Would this surgery be safe for me?


Breast reduction is safe in well controlled diabetics with careful medical monitoring. From your description, however, you may have other problems that should be addressed before considering a breast reduction. If your chest is really 50 inches around, you need to lose a considerable amount of weight first. This may, in itself, eliminate your symptoms. It will also make the surgery much safer and may even significantly help or correct your diabetes.

R.T. Buchanan, MD


Your large breast size, large chest size, and diabetes make it likely that you will suffer wound healing complications with breast reduction surgery. A safer technique for you would involve a free-nipple graft. Make sure that the surgeon you see is comfortable with offering you this option, and that the risks and benefits of each technique are clear to you.

M. L. Kreidstein, MD


Safety of Breast Reduction and Diabetic

In elective surgery, including breast reduction, it is safe to perform surgery on diabetic patients that are otherwise healthy, have diabetes that is well controlled, and that the patient is monitored properly after surgery.

R. J. Rohrich, MD


Is it safe for a person with diabetes to have a breast reduction?

If a patient's diabetes is under control and her general medical status is satisfactory, breast reduction surgery or other elective surgical procedures are generally safe. Patients with diabetes should have medical clearance from their primary physician or ideally an endocrinologist. It is important that the glucose level is monitored during and after the surgery in order to minimize any

problems. Patients with diabetes have a slightly higher risk of delayed wound healing and infection.

Robert Singer, MD, FACS


Well controlled diabetics in good overall health may undergo elective cosmetic surgical procedures with limited risk. Generally speaking there is a slight increase in the incidence of wound healing and local infection.

Other complicating factors are obesity which will certainly increase the risks of healing and infection in addition to compromising the overall cosmetic result.

These are important questions which should be thoroughly addressed by your board certified plastic surgeon.

R. W. Kessler, MD

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