Is it safe to have skin resurfacing after melanoma?


I have had melanoma in the past and now I do not go in the sun as much.  I now have a dark brown melasma spot under my eye.  Is it okay to have laser skin resurfacing there?  Will my skin be more sensitive after the resurfacing if I go in the sun?  I like going to the beach and  will wear an SPF and a hat.  Is it safe to do this in the beginning of the summer or should I wait until winter?


There are no contraindications to doing laser resurfacing after having melanoma.

Make sure all pigmented areas in the face are checked by at least two doctors.  If no suspicious lesions are found, you can have laser resurfacing.  However, having had melanoma I would caution you against excessive sun exposure, and in general you should be wearing a #50 sunscreen.

If you plan to enjoy the sun, then do your laser resurfacing in the winter.

For your melanoma you should be checked every 6 months by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, or both.

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