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Scar redness after drinking alcohol. Is this normal?


I had a scar revision at the corner of my left eye about 15 months ago. I notice that when I drink alcohol, the scar gets really RED! Why does this happen? Will this remain my whole life or is my scar still healing? I have other scars but they don't turn red. It makes me self conscious and I keep staring at it in the mirror when it's red. Please advise, thx.



 At 15 months after surgery your scar has most likely completely matured. Sometimes there can be vascular ingrowth or Telangiectasias that develop around a scar. If this is the case it can easily be managed by laser ablation. An examination would be of great assistance in making a determination on what treatment would be necessary to address your concerns.  Best,

Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


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