Scar revision after breast reduction


I had a breast reduction over a decade ago. The scars themselves are flat and white - the same color as my skin - but they've stretched, so there's redness around them. I'd like to know if I'm a candidate for scar revision surgery, and - if so - the range of costs for such a procedure. Also, is it possible to combine scar revision surgery with a slight lift (i.e., to improve pendulousness) and/or a correction of mild asymmetry? Thanks!


10  years after breast reduction , you probably need some lift to the breast. So you can have a lift, correction of the asymmetry and scar revision.

Consult a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your options and the goals you want.



 Yes, it certainly sounds like you are a good candidate for a scar revision and mastopexy (breast lift). The two procedures can be done at the same time. Consider trying to obtain your old operative reports from the hospital you had your breast reduction performed. Take this data to one of the many members of the ASAPS for review and a consult. They are experts in Breast Surgery. Costs vary across the country. Here is a link to some statistics on costs:  Best,




Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS 


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